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Welcome to Lloyd’s Registers Data. This is a database of information from editions of Lloyd’s Registers for 1776, 1779, 1784, 1790 and for every fifth year thereafter until 1860. There are over 200,000 data entries in this database. This information has been standardized to facilitate searching and analysis. The underlying database has been compiled by Peter M. Solar and Aidan Kane.

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About Lloyd’s Registers

The Society for the Registry of Shipping and its printed Registers mark the apogee of a trend toward documenting ships. Its impetus begins with Edward Lloyd, born about 1648, who arrived in London in the early 1680s and established a coffee house soon to be frequented by merchants, sailors, brokers, and others concerned with maritime ventures. By January 1692, Lloyd was publishing a weekly broadsheet containing shipping arrivals and departures; in September 1696 he started Lloyd’s News, which published shipping and commercial news. These publications are the antecedents of Lloyd’s List, a semiweekly started in the mid-1730s and still published today. At some point Lloyd’s or some customers also started to gather lists of ships that, as noted in 1884, ‘were written by hand and contained an account of vessels which the Underwriters who met at Lloyd’s Coffee-house were likely to have offered to [them] for insurance’. Early historians suggested that such lists already existed in the late seventeenth century and that they may have first been printed in the 1720s or 1730s, but no copies survive from before the 1760s.

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For digitised copies of the early registers see Lloyd’s Register Foundation.


This database and website have been created thanks to a grant from Lloyd's Register Foundation and with the support of Vesalius College, Brussels and NUI Galway, Ireland. We acknowledge the support at NUI Galway of the Whitaker Institute, the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit, and Duanaire: a treasury of digitial data for Irish economic history.

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