Lloyd’s Registers Data

Standardized variables

Here we make available the full files of standardized variables related to locations and personal names in the database.


For any given entry in the database, some or all of the following locational variables may appear: the location in which a vessel was built, the port to which the vessel belonged, the port at which the vessel was surveyed by Lloyd's Register, and the port of destination of the vessel. The following file gives in turn:

For those locations which we have not yet standardized, see Geographers' Corner.

Personal names

Two types of personal names appear in the database: the names of masters of verssels, and the names of owners of vessels. The following file gives the original (sur)name as recorded in the database (personal_name), and the standardised version (personal_name_STD).


This database and website have been created thanks to a grant from Lloyd's Register Foundation and with the support of Vesalius College, Brussels and NUI Galway, Ireland. We acknowledge the support at NUI Galway of the Whitaker Institute, the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit, and Duanaire: a treasury of digitial data for Irish economic history.

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