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Public revenues and expenditures of Ireland in the 18th century
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TitlePublic revenues and expenditures of Ireland in the 18th century
Study Global IDdoi:10.5072/FK/10002
AuthorsKane, Aidan J. (Economics, NUI Galway, Ireland)
DistributorDuanaire, NUI Galway
ContactAidan Kane (Economics, NUI Galway),
Distribution DateApril, 2014
Deposit DateApril 30, 2014
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This database draws upon the accounts printed regularly in the Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland throughout the 1700s to arrive at consistently categorised and detailed presentations of the public revenues and expenditures of Ireland in the 18th century. The original accounts were remarkably sophisticated and comprehensive, reflecting the evolution of the role of the Irish parliament, and providing a focus for elite controversy on fiscal politics. However, they do need to be processed, to allow for meaningful analysis and comparison. Three of the original accounts are the principal flow accounts presented to the Irish House of Commons and printed in the Journals, which are referred to here as, the Treasury Account, the Revenue Account, and, the Duties Account. A fourth original account, which proved very useful in constructing and checking the processed data, appeared as part of a famous UK parliamentary paper produced in 1868, by Henry Chisholm, which detailed (over 1200 pages) the 'net public income andexpenditure' of variously Ireland, Britain and Great Britain (after the Union), from 1688. This is referred to here as Chisholm's Account of Public Income and Expenditure

KeywordsFiscal history, Ireland, 18th century
Topic ClassificationEconomic history, fiscal history, data
Time Period Covered1688 - 1800
Geographic CoverageIreland
Geographic UnitIreland
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"Public revenues and expenditures of Ireland in the 18th century", doi:10.5072/FK/10002