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The old Parliament House, Dublin (now the Bank of Ireland)

The post marks the first serious live test of the Duanaire online presence, starting with the core of my work on 18th century Irish public revenues and expenditure. Both the browse accounts and charting features should work, and be interesting to explore, but there’s more to do, before moving onto other datasets that I have in hand …

I’ve more work to do, also, in developing documentation (essentially a basic guide to the data) and in getting to grips with the Dataverse technology, which is how I’ll make available the full complement of underlying files for this, and for other studies. So more content will follow soon. Initial comments are very welcome, and at this early stage, expressions of interest from researchers in Irish economic history who might consider depositing their data here.

All a little bit experimental, at this stage, but good to get this much up and running.