The Duanaire project borrows the Irish word for song-book or anthology (loosely, a 'treasury'), to convey the sense of a rich, varied corpus handed down and explored anew. This project, led by Dr Aidan Kane (economics at NUI Galway), will open up a wealth of Irish economic history data, and in particular, Irish fiscal history data, by making accessible online a range of datasets in flexible forms to diverse audiences. The project is constructing a unique infrastructure for the imaginative curation, exploration, and sharing of significant tranches of Irish economic history data.

18th century Irish fiscal data

Duanaire's first release is a fine-grained dataset of the public finances of Ireland in the 18th century.
Find out more: www.duanaire.ie/finances18

Exploring historical trade data for Ireland

A project exploring the potential of a key collection of Irish international trade records. Some sample images and data online.
Find out more: www.duanaire.ie/trade


Duanaire's immediate agenda relates mainly to fiscal data for Ireland for a variety of periods. Next steps include datasets relating to:

Duanaire will also provide a platform for a wider community of researchers in Irish economic history to deposit datasets, in a curated environment—in particular, allowing datasets themselves to be cited. Find out more >>

Duanaire blog

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Dr Aidan Kane

NUI Galway


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